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A Thousand Miles to Santiago

Venturing across France and Spain, Shawn steps out along the ancient pilgrimage road known as the Camino. As he chronicles his experiences, he shares the history and folklore related to this age-old journey.

Release date: November 15, 2022

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About the Author

I’ve always craved adventure. As a kid I would hop on my bike and ride for miles and miles.

Born in Philly and raised just outside the city, I was drawn to the Sunshine State, and attended Florida State University, where I studied (lightly) Information Studies. After college, I joined the military, found some much needed discipline, and earned the elusive Green Beret.

After five years of service, and some visceral experience, I felt it time to leave the military, and I landed in Washington, DC, working for the Department of Homeland Security. While I was successful in my career, and I enjoyed my time in DC, office life left me wanting.  

When I discovered a love of writing, I decided to quit my career and went on a year-long adventure. My first book, A Thousand Miles to Santiago, shows what happens when we leave a safe existence and chose a path guided by faith instead.

Signed copies of my book can be found at the link below.

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